T-shawn’s work lies in different fields , such as music , fashion, visual art, dancing and rollerskating. The purpose of his work is to bring you closer to his dimension and he extracts that energy from expressing whatever he feels within. His work is a simple mixture of having fun and experimenting with whatever he owns. “ I always try to look beyond, and search for the unknown, because I believe that we are capable of so much more. I always think: fuck it, lets do it. What do I have to lose?”

T-shawn’s music is a combination of different genres, because he grew up with a lot of diverse influences. What he represents is the heard and the unheard. His goal is to bring you through different depths and heights in his soundscape.

Besides the EP “A M3SS4G3 2 U” that came out in 2019 , you can expect many more great things to come. Until then, just sit back, relax and be ready for whatever that’s coming.

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