Phantom Wizard

Phantom Wizard is a composer, self-taught multi-instrumentalist and producer from Amsterdam. He creates experimental sounds that exist at the intersection of jazz, ambient, folk and electronic music. Music is his outlet for observations of life, nature and spirituality.

All these elements result in a fusion of electronic and acoustic sounds with composed and improvised sections. Phantom Wizard’s music is a sonification of the feeling that there is more out there than what we can measure and classify.

Since the independent release of his debut EP Conscious (2021) Phantom Wizard has been able to share his sonic experiments at various festivals and stages in the Netherlands. Grachtenfestival, Supersonic Jazz and Oerol are some of many.

Besides solo projects Phantom Wizard has continuously engaged in multidisciplinary projects with local and international creatives alike. Furthermore always expressing a strong desire for progress he has dedicated to releasing two music projects in 2023.

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